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Healthy Cosmetics that Respect Black Skin

Ingredients from natural origin – Scientifically proven effectiveness

NO paraben – NO silicone – NO hydroquinone 

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Beauté Herins: Black skincare products formulated with you in mind!

Beauté Herins is an online store of skincare products (face and body) designed specifically for black skin by INOYA Laboratory.

In 2001, genetic engineering work carried out by researchers from the Français public scientific community (CNRS / INSERM) led to the discovery of various enzymes specific to pigmented skin. The study of the functioning mechanism of these enzymes allows a better understanding of the melanin production process in people of color.

In 2011, using these findings, IN’OYA Laboratory was created in France with the aim of developing the first effective dermo-cosmetic dark spot corrector without side effects, which takes into account the specific genes of dark and olive skin tones.

Thanks to Beauté Herins, INOYA products are now available in Canada.

Since its creation, IN’OYA Laboratory has won numerous accolades.

After 2 years of research, the brand’s very first product, its flagship product, the dark spot corrector serum, was launched. It is the very first product of its kind designed specifically for black and olive skin. This technology has been patented and the dark spot corrector has won several awards.

Thanks to this technological breakthrough, IN’OYA has positioned itself as a dermatological brand, a reference brand for women of color. Over the years, thanks to research and development work, numerous black skincare products have been added to the range: unifying skincare products, blemish treatments, body lotion, sun cream, eye contour care, etc.

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Products developed alongside leading laboratories specially for dark skin

Why choose INOYA products?

When you buy INOYA products from Beauté Herins, do so with confidence. They are:      

– Effective: clinically proven

– Respectful of your skin: all products are non-whitening and have been formulated with black skin in mind

– Made with healthy ingredients: all our products contain only healthy ingredients

– Made with natural ingredients: our cosmetic products contain at least 90% naturally derived ingredients, some of which are organic or from Africa.

What Our Customers Say


That’s my go to mask. Absolutely wonderful! The very first mask that doesn’t dry nor irritate my skin.



Great serum! What I love the most? It is so kind to my ultra sensitive skin.



Je suis très contente d’avoir enfin de bon produits pour la peau noire ici. J’aime ce produit depuis le temps que je veux l’essayer et je compte bien acheté de nouveaux produits. Pour garder l’éclat de ma peau merci.



Le serum est très fluide et ne picote pas. En un mois d’utilisation j’ai constaté d’énormes changements sur mes tâches. C’est certains qu’elles n’ont pas disparu mais avec la patience et une assiduité dans les soins j’y arriverai. Je le recommande.


Solange M.

Définitivement c’est mon coup de coeur jumelé avec le soin unifiant sans oublié ma mousse nettoyante, cela considérablement amélioré l’apparences de mes tâches pigmentaires, je poursuis avec mon trio car c’est un bel investissement.

Solange M.

Anne T.

5/5 j’ai une peau de nature très sèche, j’ai longtemps hésité avant de passer ma commande surtout que c’est sur Facebook (pub)Que je l’ai découvert( lait hydratant IN’OYA )!!! Mais après 1mois d’utilisation vraiment je le recommande et conseil, hydratation 100%.j’y suis et je reste.

Anne T.

Virginies T.

Le lait Inoy’a est simplement une merveille. Depuis 1 mois que je l’utilise ma peau est tout juste waooohhh.

Virginies T.

Maty C.

Très bonne crème, une texture qui hydrate en profondeur ma peau. Je suis vraiment satisfaite. Moi qui avait une peau sèche, je me retrouve maintenant avec une peau douce et hydrater.

Maty C.

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