FAQ – INOYA products for dark and brown skin

FAQ – INOYA products for dark and brown skin

I am fair-skinned, can I use INOYA products?

Yes, INOYA products are suitable for all black skin tones, dark or light.

Are IN’OYA products BIO and/or natural?

Yes, IN’OYA products are created with natural and/or ECOCERT labeled ingredients. All our products offer the highest quality and the highest guarantee for ecology and nature.

Do IN’OYA products contain ingredients of African origin?

IN’OYA Laboratoire is committed to studying and formulating products based on active ingredients from trees planted within the sustainable development project “The Great Green Wall of Africa”. Because of this commitment, IN’OYA obtains natural products based on ingredients originating from Africa.

Are IN’OYA products proven to be effective?

Yes, our products are the result of patented scientific research. Most of our main active ingredients come from Français public research or from internal research at IN’OYA. This commitment to having our active ingredients come from research allows us to provide final products where their effectiveness has been well studied before we formulate the product.

How long does it take for IN’OYA products to work?

With each active ingredient developed by IN’OYA Laboratoire, the challenge was finding a balance between effectiveness and lack of side effects. Products that promise results in just a few days are generally products with significant side effects. Most of the active ingredients developed by IN’OYA have a proven effect within a maximum of 28 days.

Are IN’OYA products tested on animals?

No, we do test our products on animals.

Do IN’OYA products contain hydroquinone or corticoids?

No, IN’OYA products are not lightning products. They are formulated without hydroquinone or corticoids, or any other substances which are toxic to the skin.

Do IN’OYA products work on men?

Using IN’OYA products on men is quite possible since they are subject to the same problems as women. Men can be concerned about pigment spots caused by acne, sun, or even shaving.

How do I choose between My Skincare Unifying Matifying and Unifying Moisturising?

Your choice of IN’OYA product should be made based on your facial skin type. Mixed to oily skin tends to be shinier and develops imperfections more easily (spots, blackheads, etc.). IN’OYA would recommend the Skincare Unifying Matifying in this case, which will regulate your sebum levels and provide an even complexion. People with dry to very dry skin will opt for the Skincare Unifying Moisturising, which helps to rebuild the hydrolipidic film and soothe irritated and dry skin, as well as providing a smoother complexion.

Can I wear make-up after using an IN’OYA product?

At the heart of beautiful black skin, IN’OYA Laboratoire has developed all of its products so that they can be integrated into the normal female beauty ritual. Make-up is an important part of your beauty regime and the IN’OYA range, as well as the Unifying skincare products, have been formulated to be used as a base for make-up.