TÉMOIGNAGE : INOYA, “la pépite verte”

TESTIMONY: INOYA, “the green nugget”

My story begins before 2012. I found myself at a stressful time fighting cystic acne. I don't know how to get rid of it. To top it all off, hyperpigmentation spots set in and, very quickly, my face, which was so radiant, took on the appearance of panther skin.

The desperate search for products suitable for my skin

Distraught, I turn to all the anti-acne products: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, etc. Results: a hungry wallet, extremely irritated and sensitive skin and even more pimples and black spots.

Using lightening products without knowing it

Then one day, a lady recommended to me a lotion that she uses and which, she says, is very effective and above all, based on fruit acids, in short, based on “natural ingredients.” Error ! I learned the hard way that the famous “natural” product is in fact a lightening lotion.

Fortunately it only takes me 2 weeks to realize it, but more than 3 months to heal from it. Disappointed and traumatized by this incident, I began to distrust all commercial cosmetic products.

I turn to products that I make myself

So, I turned to what I knew best: shea butter and soap made by myself. Until the day I discovered a famous YouTuber, a pharmacist by profession, who made the fight against voluntary depigmentation of the skin her hobby horse.

Discovering INOYA and Beauté Herins products 

Through this YouTuber, I discovered the Inoya product range! And there was light! Finally, products that don't strip or burn and that target the problems of my sensitive skin and the melasma that has set in there!

It was the right time and the unexpected opportunity to try the Inoya Anti-Dark Spot Serum. The results, although timid at the very beginning, did not take too long to be noticed. My face took on a new look: uniform! Eventually! I saw the end of the tunnel!

The ultimate: this unifying and gentle serum did not contain hyaluronic acid. Eh yes! I have a weird sensitivity to this popular trendy ingredient! I had finally found a real elixir in this small bottle that was both elegant and sober.

I learned to know the specific needs of my skin and, above all, how to take care of it gently. I also learned that damaged skin cannot be repaired overnight. That you have to be patient to obtain lasting results.

The IN'OYA products that I no longer do without

The Moisturizing Unifying Treatment, the Soap-Free Cleansing Foam and the Purifying Mask have become my flagship products. As for the SPF 50 sunscreen, it's the only one that I can use without irritation or white marks.

So I decided to nickname Inoya products “The Green Nugget”. I leave you the freedom to interpret my choice of title.

Fatoumata Kangueye Oumarou.

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