Poudre de chebe: la clé pour des cheveux parfaits ? Tout dans cet article

Chebe powder: the key to perfect hair? Everything in this article

Do you know chebe (or chébé) powder? This product was made popular in 2017 by a YouTuber named Miss Sahel. In one video, she shows Chadian women, with thick, waist-length hair, applying chebe powder to their hair.

This is the beginning of the chebe phenomenon. Many people around the world are turning to magic powder which, it seems, works miracles on hair. There are also many products based on the famous powder: chebe butter, chebe oil, etc. You should know that there are several ways to take care of your hair . Does baby food really make hair grow? We tell you everything in this article.

What is chebe?

Chébé powder is a hair treatment used for thousands of years by women in Chad. It is made up of a mixture of herbs including the grains of Croton zambesicus (or zambese croton) called "chébé" in Chad. chebe is actually the main component of this mixture. It was he who inspired the name of the chébé beauty ritual practiced by the women of the nomadic tribes of Chad, renowned for having long and healthy hair.

Chebe and hair growth: how does it work?

Contrary to what is said everywhere on social networks and elsewhere, chebe does not strictly speaking make hair grow. Hair growth (i.e. hair that grows from the small bulb located under the scalp) is greatly linked to your hormones, to your DNA (I feel a little disappointed, but not so fast! Read the whole article). So you have no control over the growth of your hair but but…

You can control their retention! How ? By maintaining the length of your hair and avoiding breakage, 2 very common problems among people with frizzy hair. We often have the impression that our hair is not growing, but in reality it is growing...but it also breaks, especially at the ends.

This is particularly the case when they are not sufficiently hydrated and are too exposed to hot irons. Results: no change in length is observed, what has grown is also lost.

This is where chebe comes into play: it deeply hydrates the hair and helps prevent split ends and breakage. Since it prevents hair breakage, chebe promotes length retention, hence the impression that hair is growing faster...

The chebe therefore ultimately allows the length of the hair to be maintained.

Here's what you need to remember: The key to having long hair is to increase length retention to keep the hair that has grown.

How to use chebe powder on hair?

There are several ways to use chebe powder. It is above all recommended to do a test on a small part of the hair before applying it to the entire hair.

The traditional way

- Mix around 100 g of your favorite cream with around 100 g of vegetable oil of your choice: coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, etc.) and a teaspoon of chébé powder

- Separate (clean) hair into several sections

- Moisten hair using a sprayer

- Apply the prepared mixture over the entire length of the hair, avoiding the scalp, then the chebe powder. Alternate the 2 until the hair is saturated

- Make protective braids and dampen hair one last time

- Repeat the operation every 3 to 5 days.

This method is the ancestral method used by women in Chad. It is laborious and messy, and therefore not always suitable for your lifestyle. This is why there are other ways to apply chebe to hair.

Other ways to apply chebe to hair

A simpler, less messy way to use the chébé is to:

- Mix chebe powder with vegetable oils and butters of your choice (enough quantity to cover all your hair)

- Separate hair into several sections

- Moisten hair

- Apply the prepared mixture to the entire length of the hair, avoiding the scalp

- Leave for at least 2 hours, then shampoo

As mentioned previously, there are also derivative products on the market that are easier to use: chebe oil and chebe butter.

H ow to use chebe oil on hair?

Chebe oil is obtained by maceration of chebe powder in an oil or a mixture of oils of your choice. Simply apply it to the hair and massage well to penetrate. It can also be used as a pre-poo. The benefits of chebe oil on hair are the same as those of the powder: moisturizes, prevents breakage and repairs split ends.

Where to find chebe powder in Canada?

Chébé powder is easily found online or in ethnic stores. You will be able to benefit from its benefits for your hair. But, as with anything, results won't happen overnight, it has to be part of your routine. It is important to take care of your hair every day, to provide it with plenty of hydration. This is how you will have healthy and longer hair.