How to get rid of dark circles on black skin?

how to get ride of dark circles on black skin

How to get rid of dark circles on black skin?

Dark circles and bags under the eyes give the impression of a dull face. The area around the eyes, which is darker than the rest of the face, is a major concern for women with dark skin. Who doesn’t dream of an even skin tone and luminous eyes? 

At Beauté Herins, we are fully aware that dark circles are often a source of stress that can lead to a loss of confidence. What if we told you that you don’t need to hide your dark circles anymore? Yes, it is possible to treat them effectively and (finally) regain a luminous and relaxed look. 

What causes dark circles under eyes? 

It is essential to understand that some areas are more sensitive than others when it comes to facial care. This is precisely the case with the thin and fragile skin under the eyes. The slightest change will affect it before the rest of the face because it is more fragile. Dark circles or bags under the eyes are all the more frustrating because they can have several causes. 

Lifestyle, and especially fatigue, are the main triggers. When you’re tired, your blood system slows down. Black or dark skin will tend to become darker and sometimes even swell. Allergies, stress, alcohol and tobacco consumption, and poor diet can lead to the same result. 

Another phenomenon that can cause dark circles is pigmentation of the skin, known as pigmented circles. The upper part of the eyes is usually darker than the lower part. However, sometimes the pigment reaches the lower part.

Although there are natural solutions, it is recommended that you consult a  dermatologist specialised in black skin to find out the cause of your dark circles and get rid of them effectively.

How to remove dark circles naturally? 

There are several methods to remove dark circles naturally. 

The first is to activate the blood circulation under your eyes naturally. You may have noticed that your dark circles are more visible in the morning. Cold is an ideal ally for activating blood circulation, so all you have to do is place cooled objects under your eyes. The back of a teaspoon left overnight in the fridge will do the trick. But be careful, no ice cubes! You could do more harm than good. 

Many natural ingredients are also recommended for their benefits to your eye area:

  • Cucumber: this is the conventional moisturiser and decongestant. A slice on each eye should reduce any inflammation. 
  • Potato: without leaving the vegetable section, you can apply potato. Its clarifying active ingredients will help you fight dark circles. 
  • Plants to apply under the eyes: green tea and mint activate blood circulation, while chamomile and aloe vera will have a soothing function. Apply prepared, then cooled, tea bags directly under your eyes and you will see the difference. 
  • Essential oils: some essential oils, such as cypress, can help with venous and lymphatic decongestion. Immortelle essential oil will have a draining and smoothing function. 

For these solutions to be really effective, you need to establish a routine. You probably won’t see a dramatic change from the first application. By taking care of your skin morning and night, a difference should quickly be seen after a few days (for the decongesting effect) to a few weeks (for the treatment of hyperpigmentation). 

These natural solutions can be used in addition to an eye contour treatment. Here again, you must be very careful in your choice. To combat dark circles, we recommend using IN’OYA Laboratory’s 3-in-1 “Anti-dark spot, Anti-dark circle, Anti-puffiness” Eye Contour

This treatment has been specially designed for black and matte skin. It contains baobab pulp, hibiscus, melon oil and caffeine. The treatment comes in the form of a roll-on that allows you to massage your skin while offering an immediate decongesting action. 

How to prevent dark circles on black skin? 

Lifestyle is a determining factor in the appearance of dark circles. Avoid alcohol, smoking and short nights as they all contribute to the appearance of dark circles.  Sleep at least 8 hours a night. After all, being rested and happy is the first beauty secret.

Another simple gesture to incorporate into your routine is massaging the area around your eyes; tap gently with your fingertips from the inner corner of the eye outwards.

Of course, Beauté Herins is always available to help you choose the right products for your skin. Don’t hesitate to visit our online shop to discover a selection of skincare products specifically formulated for black, mate and mixed skin by IN’OYA Laboratory.

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