Beauté Hérins: IN'OYA Distributor in Canada

Beauté Hérins is an online store of non-lightening skin care products for dark skin. These beauty products are specifically developed for dark and brown skin, with healthy ingredients. The company is based in Canada, in the greater Montreal area in Quebec. We are Inoya Laboratory distributor in Canada.

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After immigrating to Canada, the founder of Beauté Hérins quickly realized that her skin got drier. Beauty products she used were not suitable for her skin tone. Those products were not taking into account the specificities of dark skin. She then researched some skin products, made for people of color like her. Unfortunately, many of the cosmetic products she found were whitening. Non-lightening products options were rather limited.

She finally discovered INO’YA products online. It was love at first sight. Finally, healthy, non-lightening and effective products, designed specially for dark and brown skin. She orderer and tried out the products. The result was stunning! Her skin was bright, silky, even and unlightened.

As In’oya products were not available in Canada, she contacted the In’oya Laboratory to be their distributor in Canada. Beauté Hérins was born.

IN’OYA cosmetic products for dark skin are made in France. They are the result of scientific research and clinical studies carried out alongside France’s leading laboratories: CNRS, INSERM.

The decision to offer IN’OYA cosmetic products in Canada was quite a natural one for Beauté Hérins founder. We share the same values. Many women and men of colour through Canada share these values.

Cosmetic products for black skin in our online store

Whether you are looking for a dark spot corrector, a moisturizing cream, a unifying treatment or even a good sunscreen that will not leave white marks on your skin, you will definitely find what you are looking for at Beauté Hérins. Using these skincare products specially designed for black skin won’t put your health at risk, and they will certainly not whiten your skin.

You will find 4 different products ranges :

1. MEL’OYA Range – Correcting cares

2. ACN’OYA Range  – Anti-imperfections

3. CLEAN’OYA Range – Cleansing products

4. SUN’OYA Range – Sun protection

Our promises – Why choose INOYA?

When you purchase our products, do it with confidence. INOYA products are:       

Effective: their effectiveness has been proved clinically

Respectful of your skin: all the products are non-lightening and were formulated with black skin in mind.

Healthy: all our products contain only healthy ingredients

Made with natural ingredients: all our cosmetics contain at least 90% of natural ingredients, some of which are organic or come from Africa.

Our mission

Provide women of color with healthy, non-lightening skincare products that respect their skin and are designed with high-quality standards.

Your skin has its unique characteristics. It deserves specific products.
You are unique; you don’t need lightening products to be beautiful, luminous, gorgeous.
Because you are naturally beautiful!

Be proud of your skin tone.



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